Fun Activity

Trampoline Bungee

At Mojoland Adventure Park, the thrilling sport known as Trampoline Bungee mixes the exhilaration of trampolining with the rush of bungee jumping. Bungee-corded participants leap on a trampoline while flipping and hopping in the air.

Participants can take pleasure in this thrilling sport with confidence thanks to qualified professionals and safety equipment. For those looking for an amazing adventure, Trampoline Bungee is a must-try.Above all the aforementioned activities at this adventure park in Delhi NCR, there are numerous other activities to make your adrenaline rushes, like Low Rope Walk, High Rope Walk, Rocket Ejection, Bridge Walk, Tire & Net Walk, Giant Swing, Angry Bird, Dart Ball, and Commando Net. So, pack your stuff and head towards one of the most entertaining destinations of Delhi NCR.