The Best Aqua-Adventure Waterpark in Delhi/NCR

Are you all looking for a perfect remedy to beat the heat this Summer?

If yes, then you are at the right place. Dive into the deep waters of Mojoland is the best way to beat the summer heat. At Mojoland you can enjoy the rush of zipping down a water slide or rocking a wave pool.  

Those who are in the mood of some foot tapping and grooving in the summer heat can relish rain dancing at Mojoland. Not only you can enjoy the splash at the pool but there are many adventurous water rides such as a spinning tray, splash roof, water guns and an inverted umbrella which can take your fun at new heights.

MoJoland is not only the fun land which is for adults but there are many rides which can bring a smile on the faces of the small kids. People enjoy the sunbathe while laying around on a waterbed.

Lagoon Water Park is the best aqua-adventure park where one can lose himself in the thumping music, chill vibes, and joyful water rides. It is a perfect destination to beat the warmth and enjoy a relaxed and chilled out day.

The park has extremely high thrill rides for daredevils and people who like to test their limits. The wave pool of Mojoland will take you to the everlasting fun & the rain disco adds more spark into it. We are not just limited to fun but also takes care of the hygiene of all.

Why to splash this Summer at Mojoland?

As we all know that water parks are always amusing, fun-filled and relieving. Therefore, Mojoland is the best place for a family who loves to travel and spend time in theme parks. As the summer is knocking at the door so we have opened a perfect destination gateway for your fun where you all can get drenched into the splash of water. Lagoon Water Park of Mojoland is the best place to beat the heat this summers.

So, what are you waiting for?

Just plan a trip to Mojoland Water Park at Murthal, who promises recreation and fun for children and adults alike. Come and wash away your worries and let the Sea God bless you with a relaxed and chilled out day.

Some more Adventurous Places for Extra Fun at Mojoland:

Adventure Park – To satisfy your thirst for adrenaline Mojoland has bungee jumping, free fall, ziplining, rock climbing and a lot more in the bag which is full of fun.


Aero Space Park – It delivers you the best escapade from the mundane. Feel the exuberance of flying at Mojoland to soar through the sky.


Amusement ParkA place where you can go on thrill rides, roller coasters and rides that are gentler for children and older for people.

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