Visit the Amazonian theme park for an exciting Valentines Day!!


Are you gearing up for that pending holiday you have been postponing since beginning of the year? We might have the perfect location for you! A theme-based park, which gives you the feel of the Amazonian surroundings and caters to the people from all walks of life and all fitness levels.

With winters at its peak in Delhi, t is the time to celebrate with the special people in our lives. Here at Mojoland, you can soak yourselves into the goodness of nature and enjoy the cool winters and the thrill of adventure activities!

At Mojoland, the entrance itself gives you the vibe of entering an ancient era fort. With adventure sports designed to even thrill your insides, this theme park offers you an array of activities ranging from Bungee Ejection, Zip Line, Sky Cycling to Paramotoring. If adventure park is not your forte, you could also opt for amusement rides in the Fun World. With amiable staff, fun-packed experiences, extensive dining area and gardens to its merit list, you are sure to have the best Valentine’s day fun ever!

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