Ways To Make This Valentine Special And Unique.

Ways To Make This Valentine Special And Unique.

Age is just a number, and that number is not a bar for indulging in what one truly loves. As a children, we celebrate nonchalance, togetherness. As children, we celebrated nonchalance, togetherness and were least inhibited to let ourselves to adventure, experimentation and fun. The daily lives in urban cities with all its stress has taken a toll on us.

While we may not have the time to plan a vacation to a beautiful beach, or to the exotic mountains, we could definitely spare a weekend to head out to adventure parks located near us in Delhi and its nearby regions.


One of its kind this amusement park has four parks in one, spectacular water parks, adventure rides and activities and even hands-on old-school activities such as hide and seek, hopscotch etc. along with the unique sky cycling, aero sports that give us an adrenaline-pumping experience.


MoJoLand Adventure Park

Not only that, but they also offer us an opportunity to take a break from our automated lives and go back to the days of human connectedness and organic games that make us one with our natural surroundings and allow our senses to be rejuvenated and kindled.

Located on the outskirts of Delhi, at our very own, Murthal, Mojoland is a magical land that combines multiple theme parks. Especially designed to cater to a variety of interests, you will find attractions for all. In addition, no not everyone needs to take the risk of difficult rides; the rides are for everyone by means of different difficulty levels to suit comfort of the visitors across all age groups.

The Special Attractions are:


Lagoon Water Park:

The Water Park is an oasis of delight and joy, enriched with a tropical and charming environment. Look forward to thumping music, chill vibes, joyful water rides, that includes a pool slide and water slide.

Adventure Park:

Here is where those with no fear head! Bungee jumping, free fall, zip lining, rock climbing, ATV track and a lot more are on the menu here. There are devoted rides and activities for kids, too!

Aero Sports Park:

Feel the exuberance of flying! Soar through the sky with your personal pilot and experience the familiar with a completely new perspective.

Amusement Park:

Here is the ultimate source of heart-pounding, easy fun. It is a playground of dreams where you can enjoy & experience the thrill.


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