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A day at an adventure park is the best way to shake off the cobwebs of tedium which come with a modern lifestyle. There is a dearth of holistic natural spaces in our cities; especially in Delhi NCR, where a person can go to explore and seek adventure. The common choice is for people to plan a small vacation or road trip to the mountains in the north; which while being very invigorating, requires both time and money. You can’t do that every weekend while juggling a job and responsibilities!
This is where Mojoland comes into play. The most unique and thrilling adventure park in Delhi NCR; Mojoland is situated on the outskirts of Gurgaon near Murthal. It is quietly and easily accessible; situated right off the GT Road. You can just pack a day bag on the weekend and drive within an hour from anywhere in NCR to spend the most thrilling and exciting day courtesy of our five uniquely special parks which come together to form the most thrilling adventure park in Delhi NCR.

Our Parks

  • Adventure Park– It is exactly what the name suggests. A haven for thrill seekers; it has some of the most physical and mentally intense challenges for those who are looking for adventure activities in Delhi NCR. Feel the wind in your hair and adrenaline in your veins as you free-fall from the sky or jump with the help of bungee. You can sate your need for speed with ATV rides and the natural rock formations of Aravalli are perfect for rock climbing.

  • Lagoon Water Park– What could be better than a water park in a city that is known for its long hard summers? Our Lagoon water park is the most unique water park in Delhi NCR has a makeshift beach, a wave pool, a waterfall, and a rain dance to wash all the fun off before you relax with a nice drink in the beach shack café. A perfect place to spend time with your friends and family, or to cool off after you have tried your hands on some of the scariest and most tasking adventure activities in Delhi NCR.

  • Aero Sports Park– We all want to fly, don’t we? Maybe fly away from all our problems? Well, you can’t do that but you can leave all your troubles for a while on the ground with our hot air balloon rides and para motoring. Get the most incredible view of the ruggedly beautiful Aravalli terrain from up in the air.

  • Obstacle park– Mojoland has something for everything be it hardcore adventure seekers who are looking for adventure activities in Delhi NCR, or those who want to just take a chill pill and fool around in the lap of nature rediscovering their inner child. Well, there is no better place for that than Obstacle Park. Filled with various trampoline-based rides and challenges, it is the best place to unwind with your family and friends while keeping an eye out for the children.

  • Snow Park– Welcome to the only adventure park in Delhi NCR where it snows The perfect place to have a snowball fight and to click the best pictures for your trip. Or you can show us your mojo by climbing the snowy peaks.

Mojoland is what it is like to live inside a Bollywood thriller for a day. At the most unique adventure park in Delhi NCR, you will find the scariest, hair-raising rides side by side with unfettered people dancing and partying wildly in the best water park in Delhi NCR. You can seek the solace of nature and feel history under your bare feet as you camp out in the oldest terrain of our country with its saffron rocks and tangled woods. You can seek freedom as you soar high up in the sky. You can seek uniformity as you join other thrill seekers such as you in eating, drinking, and dancing until you can no more.

Here at Mojoland, you will find the most unique and thrilling adventure activities in Delhi NCR. You will be tried and tested here, and you will only succeed if you finally let go and unleash your inner mojo.

Adventure is calling. The wild asks for you. Will you answer?

Ride out to us and we will not disappoint. And when we go back to your jobs, your responsibilities with sore bones and with the voices silent, you will have discovered something new inside, forged in sweat and sand and the thrill of the unknown.

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